Best Online Bookies in India 2024: The Most Underrated Sports Events You Can Make Money


Online sports betting is an increasingly popular activity in India. Thanks to this, the market has expanded and today,  Indian online betting sites offer a wide range of sporting events, from the most popular to the lesser known, all with excellent odds and bonuses. 

However, many focus only on the most popular events, leaving out others that, while less popular, can have great value and potential. Today, we will explore some of the most underrated sporting events that you can make money on in 2024.

Cricket beyond mainstream

Despite cricket being the most popular and also the most bet on sport by the best bookmakers in India, especially the premier league or IPL, some overlooked events by the public can offer lucrative opportunities, such as better odds or less competition. Some of these are:

  • National leagues: there are national league events such as the Ranji Trophy, one of the oldest and most prestigious in India.
  • Emerging team tournaments: there are multiple emerging national teams such as the ACC Emerging Nations Trophy or the Tri-Nation Under-23 Series, which often offer better odds than more popular ones.
  • Women’s cricket: although women’s cricket and its tournaments such as the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2024 are gaining in popularity at the best bet site in India, it still does not receive as much attention as men’s cricket, so, we consider it an underrated event. 
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Football in specialised leagues

Football is the most popular and followed sport in the world, however, most bettors focus on the famous leagues and competitions neglecting smaller leagues with less saturation, but bigger prizes. For example: 

  • The I-League: the second division of Indian football involving eleven teams from different states and regions.
  • The Africa Cup of Nations 2024: the most important tournament in African football, to be held in Côte d’Ivoire, with the participation of 24 teams, including Senegal, Algeria, Nigeria, Ghana and Egypt.

Emerging sports

In addition to established sports, other sports are gaining popularity and fans in India, and they can offer you favourable odds, these are: 

  • Kabaddi: a physical contact sport popular in India and South Asia.
  • Badminton: A racket sport with a large following in India and the world with an increasing number of international competitions.
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA): a combat sport combining different fighting disciplines such as boxing, muay Thai, judo, etc. which also offers excellent prize money.

Research and analysis

Before betting on these undervalued events, you must conduct research into the context of the sport and the teams involved. Reliable and up-to-date sources of information, such as statistical analysis and expert opinions, should also be used to inform betting decisions and to check such analysis against common sense and one’s intuition.

To Sum Up

Exploring undervalued sporting events can give you unique betting opportunities, participating for excellent odds and prizes without the constant competition of the most popular sports and leagues, which is why we recommend you try these events at the best online bookmakers in India to maximise your winnings and play responsibly this 2024.

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