Cafe Carlyle: The Iconic New York Venue for Intimate Performances

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Cafe Carlyle is a legendary cabaret venue located in the Upper East Side neighborhood of New York City. Established in 1955, it has hosted some of the most famous performers including Bobby Short and Eartha Kitt. It continues to showcase top talent in music and entertainment today, with shows almost every night of the week.

Step-by-step guide to visit Cafe Carlyle New York and its exclusive musical performances

Cafe Carlyle in New York is one of the iconic places that represent the musical essence of this city. This chic and swanky venue has been entertaining audiences since 1955, making it an institution with a longstanding history.

If you’re planning to visit Cafe Carlyle and experience its exclusive performances, we’ve got you covered with our step-by-step guide to ensure that your night out will be unforgettable.

Step 1: Book your reservation
Booking a table for dinner or drinks at Cafe Carlyle is essential. Reservations can be made via phone, email, or online. Make sure to check their performance schedule beforehand as they host different performers each week.

Step 2: Dress code
Appearance matters when visiting Cafe Carlyle. It’s important to abide by their dress code which requires smart casual attire. No ripped jeans, flip flops or athletic wear allowed!

Step 3: Arrive on time
You don’t want to miss any part of the performance; hence it’s vital to arrive early enough before the showtime. Doors usually open around an hour before the scheduled start time so grab yourself a cocktail from Bemelmans Bar – just next door – while waiting for show-time!

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Step 4: Dinner Time!
At Café Carlyle, dinner experiences are highly recommended— whatever you order from their refined seasonal menu promises great taste! The restaurant offers various food options ranging from appetizers (such as oysters and burrata) down-house pasta dishes like Tuscan kale pesto gnocchi all served elegantly plated- deliciously delightful senses take over once summoned…

Note that entrance solely for refreshments may not guarantee seats inside Café carlye’s showroom unless specifically noted otherwise during booking resrvations.

Step Five Check-in
Be certain about finding reserved seatings among rows within cabaret-style viewing angles where everyone gets front-row views without fuss bothering another person behind them – just steps away from the luxurious dining and drinking quarters.

Step Six: Musical Magic
And, now for what you have been eagerly waiting and everything leading to this! Sit back!! The evening’s entertainment programs typically last less than an hour of straight music, with devoted time enough left aside in case anyone wants an encore at the end.

The likes of legendary performers like Woody Allen – among others grace the hall entertaining attendees seated intimately close giving off a very interactive feeling all throughout their performances as you sip on your drink while gazing closely at each musician’s impressive musical talent!

In Conclusion,
A night out at Cafe Carlyle is not only a unique experience but also offers great food, drinks coupled with awe-inspiring musical entertainment that will leave you mesmerized— if followed strictly kept steps well. Certainly worth it all!

FAQ on Cafe Carlyle New York – Everything you need to know before visiting

If you’re planning to visit Cafe Carlyle in New York, then there are some things that you should know beforehand. This iconic music venue has been a hub for jazz and cabaret artists for decades, regularly featuring some of the biggest names in music. So whether you intend to attend one of their legendary performances or simply marvel at the stunning decor, here’s everything you need to know before visiting.

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What is Cafe Carlyle?

Cafe Carlyle is a luxurious bar and musical performance venue located inside The Carlyle Hotel on New York’s Upper East Side. Its intimate stage has hosted an array of musical legends over the years, including Judy Collins, Woody Allen & Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band, Nat King Cole and many more.

How to Get There:

Located on Madison Avenue between 76th and 77th streets in Manhattan’s posh Upper East Side neighborhood means Cafe Carlyle can be accessed by car service or taxi while also easily accessible through subway lines such as train N,Q,R,W,Z at Lexington Ave – 59 St.

Dress Code/Mandatory Coat Check Policy

Asides from its exceptional performers taking visitors into delightful worlds of sound with rich cocktail wines served during live shows; it usually enforces a dress code policy where “smart casual” attire is preferred: no athletic wear or flip-flops allowed. Café Carlye furthermore operates a mandatory coat check policy which could mean paying extra aside from ticket fees when attending events.

Listed Prices/ seating arrangements

The tickets prices vary depending on seat location/special performances; expect $100+ per person excluding food/drinks (although highly recommended). As far as seating options go visitors often have three choices either within general admission seats on various sides else gaining front-row stageside access/rear table settings serving multiple courses entrees prepared specially for guests wanting full dining experiences whilst listening along!

Shows Schedule

Generally speaking shows take place all year round but not always, with performance dates as well as timings available on Cafe Carlyle’s website or booking respective ticketing agencies. So visitors should check ahead by calling up the cafe directly for information regarding who will be playing and when.

Food/Drink Options

Although there is an additional cost to ordering food/drink, it must be known that this refined venue houses some of New York’s top-rated restaurants serving up exclusive gourmet dishes tailored to each choice wine picked out from a selection of international wines also served during live shows in aesthetic glasses designs matching intellectual-like atmosphere equivalent to fine dining events; one can expect every bite and sip to have extra oomph no matter what your taste buds prefer!

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In summary visiting Café Carlyle comes with not only its renown stage decor which according the hotel’s site “an iconic Manhattan experience dating back over half century” but gives guests access into great jazz musicians and cabaret acts showcasing their talents while being surrounded by elegant art-deco interior design elements creating memories worth cherishing after conversations about weekend plans end–a likely scenario given how spectacular patrons’ experiences are at

Why Cafe Carlyle, New York, is the ultimate destination for music lovers

Cafe Carlyle, located in the historic Carlyle Hotel on Madison Avenue in New York City’s Upper East Side, is truly the ultimate destination for music lovers. For over 60 years, this intimate venue has played host to some of the world’s most talented musicians and performers.

One of the things that sets Cafe Carlyle apart from other performance venues is its intimate atmosphere. With seating capacity limited to just 90 people, guests are treated to an up-close-and-personal experience with their favorite artists. The small space also allows for unique acoustics that favor acoustic instruments and a cappella groups.

And let’s talk about those artists. Over the years, Cafe Carlyle has attracted some major musical talent, from legends like Eartha Kitt and Judy Collins to contemporary stars such as Alan Cumming and Sutton Foster. The lineup changes regularly throughout the year as well – you never know who might be performing during your visit!

But it’s not just about the famous headliners at Cafe Carlyle – they also offer showcases for up-and-coming acts looking to make a name for themselves in New York City’s vibrant music scene.

Of course, no discussion of Cafe Carlyle would be complete without mentioning its iconic decor. Designed by famed interior decorator Alexandra Champalimaud (who also designed the hotel as a whole), every inch of this cozy room exudes old-world charm and elegance.

Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable date night or simply want to treat yourself to a night out filled with incredible live music in one of NYC’s most storied locations, there really is no place quite like Cafe Carlyle. So grab your finest attire and prepare for an evening unlike any other – we promise it will leave you singing its praises long after curtain call!

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