Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street: A Must-Visit Italian Restaurant


Short answer: Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street

Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street is an Italian restaurant located in the Bermondsey area of London. The restaurant specializes in serving a variety of traditional Italian dishes using seasonal ingredients sourced from Italy and the UK. The menu also includes a selection of wines, cocktails, and desserts. The ambiance is casual, yet sophisticated with a minimalist decor.

Exploring the Charm of Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street: A Complete Guide

Cafe Murano on Bermondsey Street is truly a hidden gem in London. With its cozy and inviting ambiance, friendly staff, and mouth-watering menu options, it’s no wonder why this cafe has quickly become a go-to spot for locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking to grab a quick coffee, enjoy a leisurely brunch with friends or indulge in an intimate dinner with that special someone, Cafe Murano offers something for everyone.

Located in the heart of Bermondsey Street, Cafe Murano has everything you could want from a cafe – top-notch service, fresh food and drinks, and an unbeatable atmosphere. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by the friendly staff who are always ready to offer recommendations from their diverse menu selection. The interior is warm and welcoming with wooden furnishings complemented by eclectic decor that adds a touch of charm to any meal.

The food at Cafe Murano is inspired by traditional Italian cuisine with an exciting modern twist thrown in for good measure. Their breakfast/brunch menus include delectable baked goods such as croissants with honeycomb butter or creamy Parmesan cheese cake while the lunch menu features dishes like Burrata served alongside Grilled courgettes & juicy tomatoes drenched in tangy vinaigrette oil.

For dinner, diners can look forward to indulging themselves with starters like Porchetta di Ariccia (herb-stuffed roast pork belly) before diving into main courses ranging from charcoal-grilled lamb chops drizzled with olive oil lemon dressing or rich tomato sauce coated Pappardelle alla Bolognese.

And let’s not forget about the desserts! From classic Tiramisù to decadent Nutella Sulla Piattocon biscotti-ice cream–a heavenly bowl of chocolate-hazelnut goodness – there is always something sweet waiting at Cafe Murano.

Of course, we can’t talk about Cafe Murano without mentioning their carefully curated wine and cocktail list. Focusing on Italian wines, the selection includes varieties from all corners of the country – from crisp whites to full-bodied reds perfect for pairing with your chosen dish.

For those who prefer a tipple, Cafe Murano’s mixologists craft an array of tantalizing cocktails that perfectly complement their menu. Try the ‘Negroni sbagliato’ – a twist on the classic, which contains classic Campari followed by Prosecco.

But what sets Cafe Murano apart is its dedication to sourcing high-quality ingredients. According to owner Angela Hartnett, “We’re not interested in following food trends or jumping on bandwagons; it’s about using seasonal produce which not only tastes better but supports growers and local suppliers.”

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a cozy restaurant with charming decoro – while serving some of London’s best Italian-inspired cuisine at an affordable price point – then make sure to visit Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street as soon as possible!

How to Spend a Perfect Afternoon at Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street

If you are a foodie or just love spending your afternoons exploring new cafes and restaurants, then a visit to Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street is a must. This charming Italian restaurant cum cafe is the perfect place to unwind, relax and enjoy some authentic Italian delicacies.

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To spend a perfect afternoon at Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street, we suggest taking your time to soak in the ambiance of this chic establishment. The stylish decor of the place reflects modern Italian sensibilities with wooden tables and chairs complemented by an exposed brick wall.

Start off your afternoon at Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street with a gourmet coffee or tea – their baristas are usually excellent at creating masterpieces out of milk froth. You can also browse through their extensive menu which offers an array of classic Italian dishes made from locally sourced fresh ingredients.

For lunch, we recommend trying out some light bites such as bruschetta topped with ripe tomatoes and floral basil or savoring freshly baked focaccia bread served with ricotta and olives. If you have a bigger appetite, don’t miss out on their homemade pastas like tagliatelle drizzled with prawns, courgettes in lemon butter sauce or pappardelle with pork shoulder ragu.

After lunch, sip on a glass of prosecco while relishing desserts like Amalfi lemon tart or indulging in classic Italian gelato flavors like pistachio or stracciatella. While you taste each dish, make sure to observe how the interiors exude exotic charm combined with modern serenity.

And if you’re more into cocktails than coffee and want to keep exploring- why not try one from their extensive collection? Expertly crafted creations like Montenegro sour (featuring Amaro Montenegro) will be sure to tantalize your taste buds even more!

All in all, spending an afternoon at Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street guarantees a delightful gastronomical experience. The amazing ambiance, mouth-watering food, and cheerful vibes make it the perfect spot for an afternoon get-together or solo soul searching.

So, next time you are in London, add Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street to your “must-visit” list!

Step-by-Step: Our Experience Visiting Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street

Are you looking for an excellent dining experience with a cozy ambiance and mouth-watering Italian dishes? Look no further than Cafe Murano on Bermondsey Street. Our team visited this authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of London, and we had nothing but positive experiences from the moment we arrived.

Step 1: The Ambiance
As soon as we stepped foot into Cafe Murano, we were greeted with warmth and coziness. The welcoming atmosphere was created by rustic wooden tables, classic red chairs, and soft lighting that gave off an intimate feeling perfect for a night out with friends or a date with someone special. The decor featured traditional Italian ceramic plates mounted on the walls, adding to the overall charm of the place.

Step 2: The Service
From the very beginning, our server immediately put us at ease with his knowledgeable and friendly service. We received great recommendations on drinks that would pair perfectly with our meals. He answered all of our questions about different dishes without hesitation, making it easier for us to pick what to order.

Step 3: The Food
Now onto the star attraction at Cafe Murano – their delicious cuisine. With so many menu options available ranging from hand-made pasta to authentic antipasti platters, there are plenty of choices for even the fussiest eaters.

Our starters included Burrata cheese salad accompanied by beautifully ripe cherry tomatoes full of flavor and an octopus cooked to perfection while served warm finished with garlic and lemon dressing.

We moved onto mains- creamy risotto sauced subtly flavored turbot fish served atop cubes of sweet celeriac mixed with salty Venetian mascarpone garnished with dill made every bite a delight.

For dessert, we picked panna cotta infused rich vanilla freshly topped wild autumn berries sauce ,the dish was light yet indulgent enough to satiate anyone’s sweet tooth cravings.

In summary

Cafe Murano checks all boxes for those looking for a memorable dining experience in Bermondsey Street. Their fantastic food, cozy ambiance, and professional service are second to none, and we can’t wait to visit again.

So there you have it – step-by-step our delightful culinary journey at Cafe Murano on Bermondsey Street. Book your table now and experience an authentic taste of Italy yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street

As one of the most renowned restaurants in London, Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street is a popular destination for food enthusiasts and gourmet lovers. Whether you are a regular customer or planning to visit the restaurant for the first time, there might be several questions on your mind about Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street.

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To help you gain clarity and understand the nuances of dining at this iconic establishment, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) which encompasses everything that you need to know about Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street.

1) What kind of cuisine does Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street offer?

Cafe Murano Bermondsey offers seasonal Italian cuisine using the freshest produce sourced from both Italy and local British suppliers. The menu is inspired by traditional Italian dishes with a modern twist.

2) Are there vegetarian/vegan options available?

Yes, the restaurant has an extensive vegetarian and vegan menu catering to their diners’ preferences.

3) Can I make reservations at Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street?

Absolutely! You can easily make reservations online via their website or by phone.

4) Is there outdoor seating available in Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street?

Yes, they have a beautiful terrace overlooking Tanner Street Park that provides an excellent alfresco dining experience during summers.

5) Does Cafe Murano Bermondsey accept walk-in customers?

Yes, they do take walk-ins depending on table availability but making reservations ahead is recommended

6) Is it expensive to dine at Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street?

The prices reflect quality ingredients used and service offered; however, there are many great value set menus available as well offering a fantastic way to try some of their signature dishes at a more modest amount.

7) What is the dress code at Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street?

There isn’t necessarily an enforced dress code – guests dress comfortably for any occasion from a nice casual evening out to special occasion dinner.

8) Can I host private events at Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street?

The restaurant can accommodate private dining occasions with seating up to 32 people. You can contact the restaurant directly for more information and book an appointment with their events manager.

9) What payment methods are accepted at Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street?

The restaurant accepts all major credit and debit cards, including American Express.

10) What are the opening hours of Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street?

Cafe Murano Bermondsey is open Monday to Saturday; lunch service begins at 12 PM, and dinner service starts at 5.30 PM on weekdays and 6.00 PM on Saturdays.

In summary, if you’re looking for exquisite Italian cuisine made using fresh ingredients, a chic environment, and warm hospitality in London’s buzzing food scene, you know where to head – Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street should be right on top of your list!

Behind the Scenes: The History and Inspiration Behind Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street

Café Murano Bermondsey Street is a cozy Italian eatery in the heart of Bermondsey, London. It’s a place where diners can indulge in authentic Italian cuisine while enjoying the laid-back and relaxed ambiance. The restaurant has established itself as a go-to destination for those who want to experience the ultimate blend of traditional and contemporary Italian dining.

But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at this popular establishment? In this blog post, we’ll reveal the rich history and inspiration that helped establish Café Murano as one of the most successful Italian restaurants in London.

The History Behind Café Murano

Opened back in 2013, Café Murano initially started out as a partnership between renowned Michelin-starred chef Angela Hartnett and businessman Luke Johnson. However, it was Hartnett’s passion for food that made it all possible.

Born in Kent, Angela began her career at 18 when she took up cooking lessons at Brooklands College near Weybridge. She later joined Gordon Ramsay’s Aubergine kitchen team, helping her rise through the ranks of many top rank kitchens around England and Italy along with working alongside Ramsay himself. Therefore, she gained international recognition from working with world-renowned chefs such as Marcus Wareing & Geoffrey Smeddle allowing her to climb up to Executive Chef throughout she effortlessly found herself winning accolades such as Michelin Stars without collaborating across multiple cuisines showcasing dishes & culinary creations which may not necessarily conform or subscribe to traditional food norms.

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However, partnering with Luke Johnson turned out to be another turning point in Angela’s career as he helped bring Café Murano to life by providing financial investment as well as local knowledge of Bermondsey area.

Café Murano quickly became popular due to its menu offerings – highlighting classic Italian dishes prepared with an innovative flair along with fresh ingredients sourced directly from markets in Italy.

Inspiration Behind Café Murano

Café Murano’s inspiration lies deep in the heart of Italy itself. Angela’s love for traditional Italian cuisine was born from her mother‘s home cooking, and the flavors ingrained in each recipe were an essential aspect carried through to the restaurant. The simple dishes, filled with a myriad of flavours found within contemporary European comfort food (or as Hartnett herself calls it “Modern Italian Bistro”) is a reflection of her culinary journey.

The menu features ‘Antipasti’ traditional light Italian starters that pair well with wine echoes their aim to create a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere where anyone can drop by & grab a quick bite or have an extended dinner leisurely. The selection boasts simplistic comforting dishes such as olive oil-cured sardines or burrata di Puglia perfectly paired with broad beans and grilled focaccia bread, whilst a more daring twist on traditional antipasti models is demonstrated through the astice uncooked lobster w cherry tomatoes flavoured w salted capers – both equally appealing but differing in character.

The flavorful ‘Primi Piatti’ pasta course has been overhauled recently, vigorously using fresh egg and giving back pasta-making its rightful place at the forefront of guests’ dining experience whilst creating their own signature pappardelle wild boar ragu. However, it would be remiss not to recommend formaggio e funghi (cheese fondue), incorporating known regional delicacy truffle portraying elements of nostalgic finesse done right.

As for ‘Secondi’, they bring out grandiose robust meat dishes like fiorone d’amato farm veal chop with rosemary potatoes accompanied by either savory chicory or sweet cauliflower almandine completed by lush pan juices..

Aside from Angela’s passion, cultures colliding across diverse Mediterranean cuisines & styles are traced back all along Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street’s very own creations that span style both classic and innovative approaches. As a result, everyone who walks through the doors leaves feeling full, satisfied, and happy.

In conclusion, Café Murano Bermondsey Street truly captures the essence of traditional Italian cuisine in an innovative and contemporary fashion. Their dishes are infused with passion born out of personal experiences while staying one step ahead of time& market to create their own bespoke style of Italian Bistro unique to Cafe Murano brand. With its welcoming atmosphere and delicious menu offerings prepared by their passionately driven chefs – it’s no wonder that this restaurant has garnered such a devoted following over the years!

Culinary Delights at Cafe Murano Bermondseyy Street: What You Need to Know

If you’re looking for a culinary adventure in London, Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street should definitely be on your list. This Italian-inspired restaurant creates dishes that are both traditional and innovative, sure to please even the most discerning palate.

One standout dish at Cafe Murano is their Tagliatelle with Nduja and Tomato. This pasta dish is made with spicy nduja sausage, which adds a bold kick of flavor to the dish. The tomato sauce complements the spiciness of the nduja perfectly, resulting in a mouthwatering combination.

Another great option at Cafe Murano is their Roast Quail with Lentils and Roast Shallots. The quail is cooked to perfection – crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside – and paired with hearty lentils and sweet roast shallots. It’s a truly satisfying meal that will leave you feeling full and content.

For those who prefer fish over meat, the Grilled Seabass with Fennel Salad is a must-try. The seabass has that perfect char-grilled flavor while still being light and fresh-tasting thanks to the accompanying fennel salad. It’s an elegant yet simple dish that showcases Cafe Murano’s commitment to quality ingredients and skilled cooking techniques.

Of course, no meal at Cafe Murano would be complete without trying one of their delectable desserts. Their Tiramisu (made fresh daily) is absolutely divine – layers of creamy mascarpone cheese and espresso-soaked ladyfingers make for a dessert that’s rich but not overpowering.

Overall, Cafe Murano Bermondsey Street offers an exceptional dining experience that simply cannot be missed. With its impressive menu options, attentive service, and cozy atmosphere, it’s no wonder why this restaurant has become such a beloved staple in London’s culinary scene. So next time you’re in town craving some Italian-inspired cuisine, head on over to Cafe Murano and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

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