Discovering the Charm of Zedel Cafe: A Hidden Gem in the Heart of London


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Zedel Cafe is a French-style brasserie and bar located in the heart of London’s West End. It offers traditional French cuisine, live music performances, and an Art Deco ambiance reminiscent of 1920s Paris.

How to Make the Most of Your Visit to Zedel Cafe

Zedel Cafe is a Parisian-inspired eatery located in the heart of London’s West End. This establishment boasts an exceptional menu, a stunning art deco interior, and a prime location that makes it the perfect pit-stop for busy shoppers or theatre-goers alike. If you’re planning to visit Zedel, here are some top tips on how to make the most of your experience.

Firstly, arrive early. Zedel Cafe is extremely popular and it’s not unusual for queues to form during peak times. Arriving before the lunch rush or early evening dinner crowds mean you’ll avoid any waiting time and be able to enjoy your meal at your own pace.

Secondly, dress appropriately. The Zedel interior oozes 1920s glamour with its plush velvet seating, brass accents and towering marble columns – so why not match with something equally as stylish? Formal wear isn’t essential but dressing up for this establishment can add to the overall experience.

When perusing the menu, prioritize French cuisine staples such as beef bourguignon, confit duck leg or even a classic croque monsieur. Why go for anything else when you can indulge in some genuine Gallic delicacies?

Another must-try item is their famed seafood platter “Plateau de Fruits de Mer” which comes complete with a selection of oysters, langoustines, crab claws and more – all sourced fresh from local fish markets that day.

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Don’t just stop at one course though; save room for dessert! The patisserie selection includes standout treats like crème brûlée or tarte Tatin – both guaranteed crowd-pleasers.

No trip to Zedel is complete without visiting its adjacent Brasserie Zédel – accessible through the same grand foyer entrance but with an even bigger dining area and buzzing atmosphere which couldn’t be more perfect for dinner gatherings over dimmed lights accompanied by some signature handcrafted cocktails.

As a final tip, keep watch for any upcoming events at the cafe, as they often host live musical performances ranging from jazz and swing to cabaret and western swing full of wit and humour also perfectly aligning with their sophisticated demeanour making sure there is never a dull moment during one’s visit to Zedel Cafe.

In summary, visiting Zedel Cafe is an experience in itself. With its exceptional food, stunning interiors and vibrant atmosphere, you can’t go wrong by incorporating our tips above. So why wait? Book your trip now and enjoy a taste of Parisian glamour in London!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Visiting Zedel Cafe

Looking for a cozy and chic place to escape from the busy streets of London? Zedel Cafe is the perfect place for you! Nestled in Piccadilly Circus, this art-deco inspired cafe offers delicious French cuisine in an elegant and nostalgic setting. Here’s our step-by-step guide to visiting Zedel Cafe:

Step 1: Make a reservation
Zedel Cafe is a popular spot among locals and tourists alike. It’s important that you make your reservations in advance to avoid disappointment.

Step 2: Dress to impress
One of the best things about visiting Zedel Cafe is the opportunity to dress up in vintage-inspired outfits. Get ready to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn or David Bowie as you step back into the glamourous era of 1930s Paris.

Step 3: Enter the Art-Deco Palace
As you enter Zedel Cafe, there’s an instant feeling of opulence; velvety deep blue carpets, gilded gold fixtures, and marble statues all contribute to transporting visitors into what feels like a bygone era.

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Step 4: Order like a local
Zedel Cafe offers traditional French bistro cuisine at affordable prices. From pâté en croûte to steak frites, each dish has been meticulously crafted with a touch of elegance that makes every bite worth savoring.

Step 5: Sip on champagne
What would be more fitting than enjoying some fine champagne at one of London’s top champagne bars after indulging in scrumptious French eats? Be sure not miss out on their extensive champagne list!

Step 6: Enjoy live music
While dining at Zedel Café, patrons are treated to nightly performances by Jazz greats including Mr Alexander Armstrong OBE along with production shows like Crazy Coqs’ “West End Recast”, which explores famous musical theatre roles through gender-blind visualisations making it another must-see attraction.

Step 7: Enjoy the perfect dessert
After enjoying your dinner and champagne, you can’t leave Zedel Cafe without trying one of their desserts. The macarons and crème brûlée are both popular choices that will tickle your taste buds as you indulge in sweet heaven.

Visiting Zedel Cafe is not just about having a meal; it’s an experience that captures the sophisticated essence of French culture. Take a step back in time, enjoy vintage-inspired drinks, savor traditional cuisine in an elegant atmosphere with Jazz music playing softly in the background. Book your reservations now and have yourself a deliciously unforgettable time!!

Answering Your Zedel Cafe FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

Zedel Cafe is a French brasserie in the heart of London’s West End. It has been around for over seven decades and has become a popular culinary destination for both locals and tourists alike. Whether you are planning to visit this iconic cafe for the first time or you are a regular patron, there are frequently asked questions that can come to mind about this classic eatery.

Here, we’ll answer all your Zedel Cafe FAQs so that you’re completely prepared and ready to enjoy your next meal in style.

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What Is Zedel Cafe?

Zedel Cafe is a traditional French restaurant located in Piccadilly Circus in London. It offers authentic brasserie-style dishes, an extensive wine list, and impeccable service within an elegant art deco interior. From delicious steak frites to light salads topped with French dressing, this establishment serves some of the most delicious cuisine inspired by France.

What Are the Hours of Operation at Zedel Cafe?

Zedel Cafe is open every day from 7:00 am until midnight. So whether you need breakfast early before work or dinner late after exploring London’s fantastic shows or bars, they have got you covered!

Are Reservations Necessary at Zedel Cafe?

Although reservations aren’t mandatory, it is highly recommended to make them as far in advance as possible if you plan on dining during peak hours due to high demand. You can book online directly through their website or by calling them directly.

Is There A Dress Code At The Restaurant?

The dress code at Zedel Cafe can best be described as “smart casual.” While formal attire isn’t required, guests must refrain from wearing sweatpants or hoodies that may disrupt the chic atmosphere of the venue.

What Are the Best Dishes To Try At Zedel Cafe?

Zedal boasts an extensive menu comprised of signature French classics like Escargots de Bourguignon (snails cooked with parsley butter) and Soupe a l’Oignon (French onion soup served with cheese croutons) to more contemporary dishes such as Salmon Tartare and grilled fillet of Sea Bream, that simply melts in your mouth. Additionally, their French-inspired desserts like Crème Brulee, Pierre Hermé Macaroons and Chocolate Fondant cannot be ignored.

What Are The Prices Like At Zedel Cafe?

Compared to other fine dining establishments in London’s West End area, Zedel Cafe is relatively inexpensive. Starters cost around £8-£10, mains are priced between £15-£25; while a two-course meal with wine would have you set back roughly £50-£60 for two people.

Are There Any Vegetarian or Vegan Options Available at Zedel Cafe?

Yes! The menu features various vegetarian options such as Grilled Vegetable Platter, Quiche Lorraine and Salads. Also included on the menu are vegan dishes such as Chana Masala and Spiced Aubergines with courgette couscous which can be ordered from

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