Roaring Fun at T-Rex Cafe: A Must-Visit Destination in Disney Springs


Short answer t rex cafe disney springs: T-Rex Cafe is a prehistoric themed restaurant located in Disney Springs. It features animatronic dinosaurs, unique exhibits, and an extensive menu of American fare. The restaurant is popular among families and fun-seekers visiting the Walt Disney World Resort.

Step by Step Guide: How to Make the Most of Your Visit at T Rex Cafe Disney Springs

If you’re planning a visit to Disney Springs and searching for a unique dining experience with prehistoric ambiance, look no further than the T Rex Cafe. This dinosaur-themed restaurant is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of your visit.

Step 1: Book Your Reservation in Advance

T Rex Cafe is incredibly popular, so it’s crucial to make a reservation in advance. You don’t want to get turned away at the door or spend hours waiting for a table! Reservations can be made online or by calling ahead.

Step 2: Explore Retail Section

Before heading inside the restaurant, take some time to explore the retail section outside. The gift shops are filled with dinosaur-themed souvenirs that are perfect for kids and adults alike!

Step 3: Check Out Dino-Stunning Decor

The decor inside T Rex Cafe is absolutely jaw-dropping. From giant animatronic dinosaurs thundering over diners’ heads to prehistoric fossils embedded in walls and floors, every inch of this restaurant is adorned with something fascinating and breathtaking.

Step 4: Observe Dine-Rosaur Encounters

During your meal, don’t forget to watch out for surprise “Dine-o-saur Encounters” – interactive moments featuring life-size creature replicas brought to life by attentive servers.

Step 5: Savor Appetizing Food

The food itself at T Rex Cafe is also something special. While not exactly gourmet fare, there’s plenty of tasty options on the menu that will satisfy even picky eaters. Our favorite dish was definitely the gigantic Bronto burger! And if you have any room left after dinner, try one of their delicious desserts such as their key lime pie or chocolate extinction.

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Step 6: Enjoy Fun-Filled Atmosphere

Perhaps most importantly, never forget to fully immerse yourself in the fun-filled atmosphere of T Rex Cafe. It’s okay to let loose and embrace your inner child – after all, the restaurant is designed with playfulness in mind!

Whether you’re dining solo or going out with family and friends, there’s something truly magical about T Rex Cafe that will leave a lasting impression. With plenty of shopping, some amazing decor, interactive exhibits, and amazing food on the menu- there really is so much to see and experience here at this dino-rific spot.

Frequently Asked Questions about T Rex Cafe Disney Springs Answered

If you’re planning a visit to Disney Springs, then you’ve likely heard about the T Rex Cafe. This dinosaur-themed restaurant is the perfect place to bring your family for a unique dining experience. From carnivorous appetizers to prehistoric desserts, the T Rex Cafe offers an adventurous menu that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

However, before you make your reservation, you may have some questions about what to expect at this dinosaur-themed destination. To make sure your trip goes smoothly, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the T Rex Cafe Disney Springs and have provided detailed answers below.

1. What is the atmosphere like?
The T Rex Cafe boasts a prehistoric theme with animatronic dinosaurs throughout the restaurant. The lighting is dimly lit with vibrant colors illuminating each section of the room creating a lively environment. Dinosaurs roar and stomp around every 15 minutes causing excitement among all guests especially children.

2. What type of cuisine does T Rex Cafe serve?
At this dinosaur-themed spot, you can dine on American comfort food classics like burgers, salads, pasta dishes, tacos and sandwiches steak as well as seafood entrees including several family-style options for sharing across different tables and entrees made from locally sourced ingredients.

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3. Are dietary restrictions accommodated?
Yes! There are vegetarian and gluten-free options available on the menu upon request.

4. How kid-friendly is it?
The restaurant has been designed entirely with families in mind! Its interactive atmosphere appeals particularly to kids who love exploring everything from the tanks full of fish through giant aquariums within which life-size sea monsters swim around live sharks swimming above . Servers provide kids activity books with crayons while waiting for their meals making it an ideal place for All-ages group

5. Can I make reservations?
Yes! Reservations can be made through OpenTable or by calling ahead in advance as it’s highly recommended due to high demand.

6. What about souvenir options?
The T Rex Cafe offers a small gift shop as well that offers souvenir toys, tee shirts and dinosaur-themed costumes.

7. Do they serve alcoholic beverages?
Yes! The restaurant serves signature drinks and cocktails alongside a list of eleven draft beers, including six brewed by Orlando Brewing Co.

8. Is there anything else to do while I wait for my table/service?
In addition to the stunning animatronics decorations, there are interactive exhibits featuring hands-on displays are presented around the dining room where kids can learn about prehistory through fascinating interactive activities before or after meals.

9. What’s T-Rex Cafe best for?
The restaurant is perfect for families with children who want an exciting evening out all while enjoying delicious food inspired by American classics with some souvenirs added at the end.

10. Are there any discounts available?
Yes! If you’re an AAA member or Annual Passholder, you can get a 10% discount on your bill within T-Rex Cafe accompanied with advanced booking reservations online.

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Ultimately, if you

First and foremost, make sure you make reservations in advance since this place is very popular. Once inside, make your way through the jurassic forest and take a moment to soak in the ambiance. Don’t forget to stop by the giant fish tank and say “hello” to the fish.

Next up: food. You are dining out with cute little dinos and extinct creatures watching over you – perfect atmosphere for burger lovers! The menu has numerous options which include salads, burgers, meat dishes, pizzas including vegetarian options like mushroom sliders or Portobello mushrooms T-Rex style.

The star of T-Rex Cafe Disney Springs might just be their refreshing cocktails like Raptorrita (a spin on margarita) with blue curacao or TikiTini Fusion with pineapple juice just like dinosaur would enjoy on a sunny day! If adult beverages aren’t your thing or if you’re visiting with kids, opt for their signature non-alcoholic beverage Cotton Candy smoothie served in a souvenir tumbler cup.

Another aspect of this prehistoric experience that really makes every visit special is its staff – from servers dressed as paleontologists walking around carrying a megaphone playfully drawing attention while sharing dino facts or tales about their excavation adventures before bringing out your entrée – everyone’s friendly and informative!

Finally, don’t leave without checking out their gift shop filled with gifts that will excite anyone who loves dinosaurs – from books on dinosaurs’ recipes (don’t worry no real dinos were harmed during meal prep!), plush toys shaped like various species of dinosaurs to T-Rex themed cups, plates and other merchandise.

In conclusion, if you are a Disneygoer or a dinosaur fanatic – or both!, T-Rex Cafe Disney Springs will be an unforgettably fun place to dine out. Enjoy!

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