Unleashing the Dark Side of London’s Cafe Scene: Exploring the Breaking Bad Cafe


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Breaking Bad Cafe London was a pop-up themed cafe located in Brick Lane, East London, inspired by the popular TV show Breaking Bad. It was open for a limited time and served food and drinks inspired by the show’s characters and settings. The cafe has since closed down.

How to Experience Breaking Bad Cafe London in the Best Possible Way

As a devoted fan of the hit TV series Breaking Bad, have you ever imagined experiencing the world created by Vince Gilligan in real life? Imagine sipping on your coffee while chatting about your favorite characters and scenes from one of the most iconic TV shows of all time? Wise up, my friend! The Breaking Bad Cafe London has opened its doors to transport you inside Walter White’s twisted universe. Here are our tips to experience it in the best possible way.

First off, we recommend getting there early. Yes, it may sound clichéd, but trust us when we say that arriving before the crowds flood in is crucial for soaking up every detail. The cafe is located on Portobello Road, in Notting Hill- an area famous for antiques and vintage décor. You can take advantage of its surroundings and explore this eclectic neighborhood before you dive into your Breaking Bad adventure.

The Breaking Bad Cafe London is stylishly designed to look like Gus Fring’s lab under Laundromat. The café exudes an industrial vibe with some fantastic references from White’s cook team workshop setup mixed with regular coffee shop elements such as comfy seating as well as indoor plants that might remind one of Tuco Salamanca intense greenhouse.

Once settled, you will be presented with a menu inspired by Aaron Paul’s character Jesse Pinkman for “b**ch” coffee alongside vegan pastry options named after beloved characters such as Skyler, Hank Schrader (RIP!) and even Saul Goodman himself offering visitors exclusivity beyond simply taking photographs in front of memorabilia or set pieces!

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After satisfying your appetite with some delicious snacks and drinks concocted with utmost attention to detail, peek at their merch range (including local artist Samuel Everitt’s breaking bad illustrations) to get yourself kitted out like an ultimate BB fan.

Before leaving the premises entirely satisfied (we’ve been told their Nitro Cold Brew Coffee‘s been too top-rated, we recommend taking a photo next to the infamous RV and Fly’s lab tent in the backyard. Of course, being a cafe on a popular tourist stretch route in London like Portobello Road also means you won’t be away from souvenir shops where BB-inspired wears or even Heisenberg hats are waiting for you!

In conclusion, The Breaking Bad Cafe London is truly one of a kind experience that any fan needs to tick off their list. From the unparalleled details of the cafe’s design to their PJ Harvey playing rocking ambience will transport you inside Gillignan’s universe. Arrive early, indulge yourself in vegan treats given cleverly assigned character names- and take as many photos as possible! Who knows? You might just bump into Saul Goodman himself over there 😉

Step-by-Step Guide: Where and When to Visit the Breaking Bad Cafe London

When it comes to pop-culture phenomena, few TV shows have had as much of an impact as Breaking Bad. The award-winning AMC series has garnered a devoted following for its gripping storytelling, unforgettable characters, and stunning cinematography. So it’s no wonder that fans of the show would want to visit the iconic Breaking Bad Cafe in London.

Located on Brick Lane in east London, the Breaking Bad Cafe brings the world of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to life. From Heisenberg coffee cups to Los Pollos Hermanos t-shirts, there’s something for every fan of the show. But before you make your way to this one-of-a-kind destination, there are a few things you need to know.

First off: timing is everything. The cafe is open from 8am until 5pm Monday through Saturday, and from 9am until 2pm on Sundays. While this might seem like ample time to stop by during your trip to London, keep in mind that the cafe can get crowded quickly.

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To avoid long lines and wait times, we recommend visiting during off-peak hours – such as early in the morning or later in the afternoon. This will give you more time to explore all that the cafe has to offer without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Once you’ve nailed down your timing, it’s important to know what not to miss at the Breaking Bad Cafe. One must-have item is certainly their signature blue meth candy – a nod to Walter White’s infamous product which made him an overnight millionaire (at least for a little while). Other notable offerings include Los Pollos Hermanos-branded chicken boxes (serving food items) and “Better Call Saul” audio tapes playing on loop throughout the shop.

As far as decor goes, expect plenty of yellow caution tape (naturally), plus a range of references littered throughout; shelves stacked with Vamanos Pest Control uniforms alongside plenty of merch on offer to fans of both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul alike. Perhaps most notably, however, there’s a treasure trove of character photos and show references tucked into every nook and cranny.

Of course, the cafe is nothing if not an Instagram hotspot. From the “Los Pollos Hermanos” graffiti located just outside the entrance to cute seating in front of a mural wall depicting Walter White’s iconic Heisenberg alter-ego, there are plenty of photo opportunities throughout. Our personal favorite? The full-sized dummy dressed up in a yellow hazmat suit; perfect for pretending you’re about to cook up some pure blue Sky even if you’d rather stick with coffee.

Ultimately, visiting the Breaking Bad Cafe London is a must-do for any fan of this beloved TV show. With its unique atmosphere and wide range of merchandise on offer, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience for anyone who stops by. So grab your fellow Heisenberg devotees and start planning your Breaking Bad pilgrimage to this London institution today!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Breaking Bad Cafe London Answered

As the Breaking Bad Cafe London continues to gain popularity among fans of the hit television show, we have noticed an increase in the number of curious individuals with questions about our unique cafe. In this blog post, we aim to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our establishment and give you a glimpse into what makes us stand out from other cafes in London.

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Q: What is Breaking Bad Cafe London?

A: Breaking Bad Cafe London is a coffee shop that pays homage to the popular American television series, Breaking Bad. Our cafe features themed decor inspired by the show, including a mock laboratory where customers can take photos while dressed in hazmat suits. We also offer food and drink items named after characters and scenes from the show.

Q: Is it only for Breaking Bad fans?

A: Not at all! While we do cater to fans of the show, anyone can come and enjoy our food and drinks. We offer a variety of hot and cold beverages, as well as cakes, sandwiches, salads, and snacks.

Q: Where is it located?

A: Our cafe is located on Brick Lane in East London – an area famous for its trendy cafes and street art. You’ll spot our cafe easily thanks to its distinctive yellow exterior.

Q: What kind of food and drink do you offer?

A: Our menu includes classic coffee offerings such as espresso shots, cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites alongside cold brews such as nitro coffee as well as sweet treats like muffins cake slices and energy balls . However , it’s our cook/owner’s Mediterranean origin that shines through with her delicious freshly made savoury eats like wraps loaded with falafel or halloumi cheese combined with roasted vegetables Choose from one of Walter White’s blue ice-lollies or sip on Gus Fring’s “Los Pollos Hermanos” house blend tea. There’s something special on offer for everyone.

Q: Can I book a table?

A: Yes, you can book a table by contacting us directly through our website or social media accounts. We also welcome walk-in customers, but please note that the cafe can get busy during peak hours.

Q: Are there any vegan or vegetarian options?

A: Absolutely! Our menu features many vegan and vegetarian-friendly options, including our falafel wrap and hummus platter. We are always looking to expand our selection of plant-based offerings.

Q: What is your Instagram account?

A: You can find us on Instagram @breakingbadcafelondon. Follow us for updates on new menu items, promotions and exclusive content from the cafe!

We hope this FAQ has given you some insight into what makes Breaking Bad Cafe London such a unique and exciting destination in East London. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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