Rough Sex – Definition, Tricks, Tips, and Top Positions to Try


At times, going a bit dirty and rough is all that you need to spice up your bedroom scenarios. But make sure you have the other person’s consent while indulging in rough sex. Aggressive, forceful, and passionate sex is only valid as long as your partner agrees to the act.

In short, rough sex means a whole lot of things. It might mean picking your partner up and holding her tight or pressing her against the wall or onto the couch.

Dirty talk, spanking, and passionate nipple sucking, everything included in a passionate sex experience. And if you want to get your and your partner’s heart racing, now is the right time to indulge in rough sex.

Tips and Tricks to Experience a Passionate & Rough Sex

The foundation for indulging in passionate rough sex starts with excellent communication. Here’s what you should follow: 


No doubt, communication plays a significant role when the discussion is about aggressive sex. Getting caught up in your moment might be easy, but the secret lies in discussing your boundaries.

A Safe Word-

It’s best to establish a safe word that ensures anyone between you and your partner can stop at any time, whenever the act becomes violent.

Not Losing Sanity-

When you are extremely aroused or angry, the judgment from someone may go out somewhere. You can get carried away, and it results in a lot of problems. So, you should establish a boundary. Avoid consuming alcohol that may take your anger to a new height. Another important thing to remember is mutual respect and avoiding excessively aggressive acts during sexual encounters. 

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Take Care of the Aftermath-

If you were the dominant partner during the rough sex, you need to take care of the aftermath. Although aftercare is a fundamental practice in BDSM, it holds equal importance after every aggressive or rough session. 

Superficial injuries may occur, like scratches and tenderness. But these are normal after a rough sex session. As a dominant partner, your responsibility is to pay attention to things that need treatment.

Setting the Right Mood-

If you want to take rough sex to a whole new height, the prime need is to set the mood. Perhaps you can set the right kind of music that makes the sensual encounter more intense. Alternatively, you can practice role-playing and immerse in an intriguing experience.

Top Sex Positions to Try When You Want to Try Passionate (Rough) Sex

Indulge in a rough sex encounter by practicing these positions with your skip the games escort.

View from Atop-

It’s an extremely intimate session where you can wrap your arms around your escort to hold her tight. On the other hand, if you are not a kinky person, you can perhaps use your hands to discover her body. Squeeze her nipples and grab onto her hair.


You might think thumper is a doggy-style position. But there’s a specific process to perform it. All you need is to position yourself in front of the mirror and include acts like spanking, hair pulling, etc. Let your girl get on her fours while you kneel from behind and enter from the back.

Bounce House-

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It’s a combination of the doggy style with the dominance being on the top. Use your hands to explore her body in a rough manner. You can also indulge in anal play. While you lie on your back, your girl straddles you, facing away from you.


Your girl needs to be on top in this position. Let her rock the movement with speed and depth. And you need to see and adore her body movements while she is in action. If you want to practice an upgraded position, you can ask her to tie your hands or pin down your arms with her knees to take control. 

Rough sex isn’t anything about abusing your partner or feeling more powerful. It’s all about the psychological thrills where you practice a passionate sexual encounter by taking the lead. Ensure that you practice your moves in a well-controlled environment. Now that you have learned the ins and outs of rough sex, it’s time to hire a skip the games escort from 

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