The Cereal Killer Cafe London: A Unique Breakfast Experience

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The Cereal Killer Cafe London is a popular cereal-themed cafe located in the Brick Lane area of London, England. It offers over 120 types of cereal from around the world and various milk options. Established in 2014, it has gained attention for its unique concept and nostalgic atmosphere.

The Cereal Killer Cafe London: A Taste of Nostalgia Remastered

The Cereal Killer Cafe London: A Taste of Nostalgia Remastered

Indulging in a bowl of your favorite childhood cereal is like taking a trip down memory lane. The sweet, crunchy goodness that brings back those carefree mornings before rushing off to school. And what better place to relive those nostalgic moments than at the renowned Cereal Killer Cafe in London?

Located in the heart of East London’s trendy Shoreditch district, this whimsical cafe has taken the concept of breakfast to a whole new level. Stepping through its doors is like entering a time machine, where every corner oozes with retro charm and iconic references from the 80s and 90s. It’s as if Saturday morning cartoons have sprung to life, animated characters adorning the walls while vintage toys peek out from shelves.

But let’s not be fooled by its captivating decor; it’s the vast array of cereals from around the world that truly sets this establishment apart. With over 120 different types lining the shelves, you’ll find long-lost favorites and international rarities alike. From classic British brands like Kellogg’s Rice Krispies and Weetabix to American legends such as Lucky Charms and Cap’n Crunch – there’s something for every craving.

Now, don’t expect an ordinary cereal experience here. The founders, twin brothers Alan and Gary Keery, have taken their love affair with breakfast food to great heights by offering an extensive menu that combines cereals with various toppings and milk choices. Fancy trying Fruit Loops with marshmallows swimming in chocolate milk? Or perhaps Coco Pops adorned with crushed Oreo cookies? Well, at Cereal Killer Cafe – dreams do come true!

For those seeking something beyond cereals, fear not! The cafe also serves up delectable toasties made with artisan bread or a variety of pastries for those who prefer something flaky and buttery. And let’s not forget the beverages – milkshakes, hot chocolates, sodas, or perhaps a bottomless cup of coffee for those who need a caffeine kick to start their day.

The Cereal Killer Cafe has become an instant hit since its opening in 2014. Its unique concept and undeniable charm have attracted not only locals but also tourists from far and wide. It has also sparked conversations about the increasing popularity of nostalgia-driven experiences in our fast-paced modern world.

The cafe’s success can be attributed not only to its creative menu and vibrant atmosphere but also to its engagement with customers through social media platforms. The founders have embraced the power of Instagram, regularly sharing snapshots of colorful cereal bowls, wacky cereal combinations attempted by customers, and even featuring limited edition cereals that make appearances on the menu from time to time. This constant interaction has turned patrons into loyal brand advocates.

So whether you’re a fanatical cereal lover or simply yearn for a taste of childhood memories, the Cereal Killer Cafe London is an experience like no other. With its carefully curated selection of cereals, ingenious combinations, and nostalgic ambiance, it promises to transport you back in time while enchanting your tastebuds with flavors long forgotten.

Prepare to embark on a journey that combines breakfast nostalgia with contemporary culinary creativity – welcome to the remastered taste of yesteryear at the Cereal Killer Cafe London!

How the Cereal Killer Cafe London Became an Overnight Sensation

The Cereal Killer Cafe London: A Story of Phenomenal Success

In today’s ever-changing, fast-paced world, it takes something truly unique to capture the attention and hearts of consumers. And in a city as bustling and diverse as London, where culinary trends come and go almost as quickly as the changing weather, one might wonder how on earth a small cafe specializing in cereals managed to become an overnight sensation.

Enter The Cereal Killer Cafe London – a delightful little oasis tucked away in the vibrant Shoreditch district. This quirky establishment took the city by storm with its nostalgic concept, tapping into the cherished memories of childhood breakfasts while offering a fresh take on an otherwise familiar experience.

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Driven by twin brothers Gary and Alan Keery, who hatched the idea during their travels abroad, The Cereal Killer Cafe effortlessly combines nostalgia with innovation. Their bold move was daringly simple yet unprecedented; they created a haven solely dedicated to cereals from around the world – both long-forgotten classics and trendy newcomers alike.

But what truly catapulted this modest cafe into stardom was its meticulously curated menu featuring over 120 different cereals and 30 varieties of milk! Gone were the generic cereal boxes sitting dormant on supermarket shelves; instead, customers reveled in selecting from an extensive range that spanned countries and decades. From iconic American brands like Lucky Charms to Japanese favorites such as Hello Kitty’s Chocolate Marshmallow Magic Puffs – there truly was something for everyone.

The genius behind The Cereal Killer Cafe lies not only in its selection but also in its attention to detail. Each bowl is custom-made according to patrons’ preferences – whether they prefer their cereal swimming in milk or just kissed lightly by it. And let’s not forget about toppings! Decadent sauces like Nutella or salted caramel allow customers to elevate their breakfast treat into something truly indulgent.

It is said that location is everything, and in the case of The Cereal Killer Cafe, this certainly rings true. Nestled amidst the street art-covered alleyways of Shoreditch, this unassuming venue blends effortlessly into its surroundings. With vibrant millennial culture at its doorstep, it became an Instagram haven overnight. Suddenly, the cafe started popping up on social media feeds worldwide – tagged with #CerealKillerCafe and sparking a viral sensation.

But it was more than just aesthetics that attracted so much attention. The Cereal Killer Cafe offered an experience that allowed diners to relive cherished memories while connecting with fellow cereal enthusiasts. It became a hub for people from all walks of life to gather, bond over shared breakfast nostalgia, and swap stories about their favorite childhood cereals.

With its rapidly growing popularity, the owners quickly expanded their business by opening a second branch in Camden Market – capturing even more hearts and turning cereal appreciation into a London-wide phenomenon. Their success story showcased how embracing simplicity and celebrating what may seem mundane can result in remarkable triumph.

In conclusion, The Cereal Killer Cafe London’s meteoric rise from quirky idea to global sensation epitomizes the power of tapping into nostalgia mixed with innovation. By bringing beloved breakfast memories back to life within a trendy setting, this humble establishment captured hearts around the world and proved that sometimes all it takes is one brilliant concept to turn everyday experiences into extraordinary ones.

Exploring the Cereal Killer Cafe London: Step by Step Guide

Title: Embarking on a Whimsical Culinary Adventure at the Cereal Killer Cafe London: A Playful Step by Step Guide


In the vibrant heart of London, tucked away in the bustling streets of Shoreditch, lies a mecca for breakfast aficionados and cereal enthusiasts alike – the whimsical Cereal Killer Cafe. Offering a unique twist on breakfast fare, this unconventional establishment serves up nostalgia-inducing bowls of cereals from around the globe, all housed in an utterly charming setting. So join us as we embark on a delightful journey through this one-of-a-kind cafe through our step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Find Your Inner Child

As you approach the entrance to the Cereal Killer Cafe, prepare to leave any grown-up reservations behind and embrace your inner child. The vibrant exterior adorned with neon lights and colorful cereal boxes instantly transports you to a joyous world where imagination rules supreme.

Step 2: Delve into Nostalgia

Upon stepping foot inside, allow yourself to be swept away on waves of nostalgia. The walls are lined with shelves stacked high with cereal boxes from past eras; each one bearing witness to your fondest childhood memories. From classics like Froot Loops and Lucky Charms to forgotten gems like French Toast Crunch or Quisp, every box tells its own story.

Step 3: Customize Like Never Before

Now comes the most exciting part – creating your very own cereal concoction! With over 120 cereals to choose from and various milk options, prepare to unleash your inner mad scientist. Mix fruity loops with chocolatey puffs or blend marshmallows with flakes – there are no limits here! If decision-making becomes overwhelming, fear not for their helpful staff will gladly suggest combinations that are guaranteed to tickle your taste buds.

Step 4: Dive into Design

Once your personalized masterpiece is ready-to-go, it’s time to select your vessel from an array of quirky bowls and vintage milk bottles. The attention to detail in the presentation is unparalleled; with every element carefully curated to elevate your dining experience and evoke a sense of whimsy.

Step 5: Indulge in Edible Nostalgia

With spoon in hand, prepare for that first bite – a magical moment that not only satisfies your taste buds but also transports you back to carefree mornings spent watching cartoons in your pajamas. The delightful crunch, the familiar flavors, and the bowlfuls of memories served up at Cereal Killer Cafe are truly unmatched.

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Step 6: Discover Unique Extravagances

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous or simply want to take things up a notch, delve into the cafe’s extravagant cereal cocktails. These masterfully crafted concoctions incorporate cereal-infused blends of milkshakes or mixed spirits that add an adult twist to childhood favorites. Embrace the unexpected and let these liquid delights surprise and delight your senses.


Visiting the Cereal Killer Cafe London is not just about enjoying a bowl of cereal; it’s about embracing unadulterated joy, indulging in nostalgia, and reconnecting with your inner child. This whimsical establishment skillfully presents breakfast as an immersive experience where each guest can create their own edible masterpiece while basking in the glow of cherished memories. So go forth, dear reader, venture into this eccentric wonderland and satiate both your appetite for scrumptious breakfast treats and life’s simple pleasures!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Cereal Killer Cafe London: All You Need to Know

Frequently Asked Questions about the Cereal Killer Cafe London: All You Need to Know

Welcome to the ultimate resource for all your inquiries regarding the quirky and delightful Cereal Killer Cafe located in London. Whether you’re a cereal aficionado or simply intrigued by this unique establishment, we’re here to address all your burning questions while injecting a touch of professionalism, wit, and cleverness into our explanations. So grab a bowl of your favorite cereal and let’s dive right in!

1. What exactly is the Cereal Killer Cafe?
The Cereal Killer Cafe is an extraordinary eatery that celebrates everything cereal-related. Located in the heart of London, it offers visitors a nostalgic journey back to their childhoods, boasting over 120 different types of cereals from around the world. This cafe provides a fun and whimsical atmosphere where customers can enjoy their beloved cereals any time of day.

2. How did the idea for such a unique cafe come about?
The concept behind the Cereal Killer Cafe was born from twin brothers Alan and Gary Keery’s genuine enthusiasm for all things breakfast cereal. Their vision was to create a space where people could relive cherished childhood memories while exploring new taste experiences from an impressive array of cereals.

3. What can I expect when visiting the Cereal Killer Cafe?
Prepare yourself for sheer breakfast brilliance! As you step foot into this vibrant cafe, you’ll be greeted with shelves stacked high with an incredible selection of cereals sourced from around the globe. Choose from various milks (both dairy and non-dairy) and an assortment of toppings to customize your perfect bowlful of deliciousness. Furthermore, the decor itself will transport you back in time with its vintage cereal memorabilia adorning every nook and cranny.

4. Are there any recommended cereal combinations worth trying?
Absolutely! The staff at Cereal Killer Cafe are true experts when it comes to crafting delectable cereal concoctions. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try their signature “Unicorn Poop” blend? It’s a colorful mixture that combines Lucky Charms, Froot Loops, and marshmallow charms topped with magical unicorn dust – a real treat for both your taste buds and Instagram feed!

5. Is the Cereal Killer Cafe suitable for dietary restrictions?
Indeed! The cafe caters to a wide range of dietary needs, offering gluten-free cereals, lactose-free milk options, and vegan-friendly choices. They understand the importance of accommodating different requirements while ensuring that everyone can indulge in their favorite cereal experience.

6. Can I take some cereal home with me?
Absolutely! The Cereal Killer Cafe has an onsite “Cereal at Home” store where you can stock up on your favorite cereals and relish the nostalgia from the comfort of your own kitchen. It’s an ideal opportunity to continue your cereal journey long after leaving the cafe.

7. Is visiting the Cereal Killer Cafe just about cereal?
While cereal is undeniably the star of the show at this London hotspot, there’s more to explore! The cafe also serves scrumptious homemade Pop-Tarts, mouthwatering toasties (grilled sandwiches), delightful sundaes brimming with cereals and ice cream, alongside a tantalizing selection of beverages ranging from hot chocolates to soda floats.

8. Are reservations required or recommended?
To ensure you secure your spot among fellow cereal enthusiasts, it is highly recommended to make a reservation ahead of time. This way, you won’t miss out on experiencing all the joy that comes with embracing your inner kid amidst a room full of captivating breakfast delights.

Now armed with answers to these frequently asked questions about London’s Cereal Killer Cafe, prepare yourself for an extraordinary culinary adventure like no other! Indulge in nostalgia-inducing tastes while reveling in an atmosphere overflowing with charm and whimsy – a truly cereal-sensational experience you won’t soon forget.

The Unique Concept and Quirky Decor of the Cereal Killer Cafe London

The Unique Concept and Quirky Decor of the Cereal Killer Cafe London

London is well-known for its vibrant dining scene, with a plethora of eateries offering diverse culinary experiences. However, there is one cafe that stands out from the crowd with its truly unique concept and quirky decor – the Cereal Killer Cafe.

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As soon as you step foot into this funky establishment, you are transported back to your childhood days. The walls are adorned with vintage cereal boxes from around the world, creating a nostalgic ambiance that instantly puts a smile on your face. From popular brands like Kellogg’s and Nestle to obscure names you’ve never heard of before, it’s like stepping into a cereal time capsule.

What sets the Cereal Killer Cafe apart is their menu which consists solely of cereals from around the globe. Whether you prefer classics like Frosted Flakes or fancy trying something new like Japanese matcha-flavored flakes, they have got you covered. The extensive selection features over 100 types of cereals ranging from healthy options to sugar-loaded treats. You can mix and match different varieties or indulge in their signature combinations crafted by passionate cereal connoisseurs.

But it doesn’t stop there – not by a long shot! The Cereal Killer Cafe takes customization to another level with their wide array of milk choices. From regular cow’s milk to almond and soy alternatives, they cater to all dietary preferences. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, why not try one of their ingenious milkshake creations made by blending your favorite cereal with ice cream? Trust us; it’s a game-changer!

The quirkiness extends beyond just food offerings – even the furniture at this cafe has been handpicked to create an eccentric atmosphere. Seating options range from cozy couches made out of repurposed bathtubs to retro chairs reminiscent of old school classrooms. It feels like entering an alternate reality where breakfast food reigns supreme.

Another notable aspect of the Cereal Killer Cafe is their commitment to promoting sustainability. They have embraced eco-friendly practices by using biodegradable disposable cutlery and packaging, as well as sourcing ingredients from local suppliers whenever possible. This dedication to preserving the planet while simultaneously providing a memorable experience sets them apart from other establishments.

The cafe also hosts various events, such as trivia nights and cereal tastings, making it an interactive and engaging space for both locals and tourists. It’s a hub for breakfast enthusiasts and cereal aficionados to come together, share their stories, and create lasting memories over a bowl of goodness.

Whether you’re looking for a nostalgic trip down memory lane or simply seeking an unconventional dining experience, the Cereal Killer Cafe in London should be at the top of your list. Its unique concept, quirky decor, and commitment to sustainability make it more than just another eatery – it’s a breath of fresh air in London’s bustling food scene.

From Classic to Exotic Cereal Bowls: Discovering the Delights at the Cereal Killer Cafe London

Cereal – it’s not just for breakfast anymore. In fact, for true cereal aficionados, it’s a lifestyle. And there’s no better place to indulge in this delectable obsession than at the Cereal Killer Cafe in London. This quirky little cafe is a haven for cereal lovers of all ages, offering a vast array of classic and exotic cereal bowls that will blow your mind (and taste buds!).

Let’s start with the classics. The Cereal Killer Cafe pays homage to all the beloved childhood cereals that we know and love. From Cheerios to Frosted Flakes, they’ve got it all. But don’t be fooled by their simplicity; these classic bowls are anything but boring. Each bowl is meticulously crafted with the perfect combination of milk-to-cereal ratio, ensuring every bite is pure bliss.

But why stop at just the classics when you can venture into uncharted cereal territory? The Cereal Killer Cafe takes things up a notch with their exotic cereal bowls that will take your taste buds on an adventure they won’t soon forget.

One such bowl is the “Unicorn Dreams.” This magical creation combines fruity loops, marshmallows, glitter sprinkles and edible unicorn horns – yes, you read that right – edible unicorn horns! It’s like stepping into a fairytale land with every spoonful. Not only does this bowl look incredible (hello Instagram-worthy photos!), but it tastes even better. The sweet crunch of fruity loops combined with the pillowy softness of marshmallows creates a symphony of flavors that will transport you to another realm.

If unicorns aren’t your thing, fear not! The Cereal Killer Cafe has plenty more unique creations up their sleeve. Take their “Chocolate Chip Sundaes” bowl, for example. Combining chocolate-flavored cereals with chocolate sauce and chunks of cookie dough ice cream – this is dessert for breakfast done right. It’s the perfect balance of indulgence and nostalgia, with each spoonful delivering a delightful explosion of chocolaty goodness.

But it’s not just about the cereal bowls themselves; it’s also about the overall experience at the Cereal Killer Cafe. The walls are adorned with vintage cereal boxes that will transport you back to your childhood, while the retro decor and vibrant colors create an atmosphere that is both whimsical and nostalgic. It’s like stepping into a time machine where Saturday morning cartoons and sugar-filled adventures reign supreme.

So whether you’re a die-hard Cinnamon Toast Crunch fan or someone who craves a little more excitement in their breakfast routine, the Cereal Killer Cafe in London is your one-stop-shop for all things cereal. From classic to exotic, their cereal bowls are a work of art that will have you coming back for more. So grab a spoon, unleash your inner child, and prepare to be amazed by the delicious delights that await you at this quirky cafe.

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